About Us

About the PainSense Service 

PainSense is a whole system approach that focusses
the clinical care pathway on supporting self-management
of pain – putting the patient at the heart of the journey
to a better quality of life.

The PainSense Service allows CCGs and service
providers to deliver:
• improved services for people with persistent pain
• reduced demand on face to face services
• significant cost reductions

through a fundamental redesign of the clinical care pathway enabled by innovative digital assets for clinicians and patients.
Supported by highly effective e-learning for clinicians ensuring adoption of the service across clinical services, PainSense frees up GPs’ and other healthcare professionals’ time by developing their confidence and skills to guide patients towards effective self-management of their pain.
And, at the heart of the service, engaging and easy-to-use digital apps give patients the knowledge, skills and resources they need to manage persistent pain, so they become more independent, and able to live happier, healthier, fulfilling lives.


engaging and easy-to-use digital apps give patients the knowledge,
skills and resources to manage their persistent pain