PainSense Lead

Huw Jones

ADI Health Director

huw-jonesHuw joined ADI in 2011 after working in senior positions in the health and public sector for over 20 years and as a consultant working with telehealth and telecare for 4 years. He has a clear understanding of health policy and practice and has worked extensively with buyers, manufacturers and users of telehealth and telecare.

Huw has a deep insight in to the benefits of telehealth as he has commissioned telehealth and telecare systems to improve service provision and has been a user of telehealth. He has advised health, social care and community/voluntary sectors in the use of telehealth systems, as well as advising a number of manufacturers and service providers.

Keli Shipley

Commercial Lead, ADI Health


Keli joins ADI Health to lead on the commercialisation of the PainSense brand. Keli has over 10 years’ experience in Healthcare including recent roles in Urgo Medical as a Partnership Development Manager and Paediatric Specialist with world leading Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition.

Keli brings a wealth of experience of sales and marketing in healthcare and has a passion in improving health outcomes in the NHS and Private Sector.

Keli has a BSc in Biomedical Science and MSc in Public Health and will be responsible for developing partnerships in healthcare and identifying new areas of growth. Keli will play a significant role in the integration of and collaboration with the NHS of innovative digital healthcare.