for Commissioners

ADI health logoPainSense is a whole system approach that focusses the clinical care pathway on supporting self-management of pain – putting the patient at the heart of the journey to a better quality of life.

The benefits to commissioning organisations include:


Produces significant in-year cost reductions

  • reducing face-to-face consultations
  • refocussing interventions away from high-cost low-impact interventions
  • freeing up clinician time for more useful high-value work
  • reducing patients’ reliance on medication


Releases capacity to focus on greater elements of need

  • reducing the need for GP face-to-face consultations
  • reducing onward referrals to secondary care
  • supporting self-care


Demonstrates your organisation’s excellence

  • putting you in an excellent position to win tenders
  • positioning your organisation as a leader in the shift to self-care and digital delivery


Significantly improves outcomes for patients with persistent pain

  • shaping the clinical care pathway so that interventions are driven towards the goal of increased patient self-efficacy
  • developing clinical practice to enable clinicians’ effective support of patients on their self-management journey