for people with pain

If you are living with persistent pain, the PainSense apps will help you:

    • Understand more about your pain and control it with more confidence
    • Learn how to keep yourself motivated and rely less on others including health care staff
    • Find out more about becoming active again
    • Focus on other things that matter – so you can get on with living your life.

Find out more about what the apps will help you do:

More about the Pain Toolkit app >

More about the Pain Management Plan app >


“When it shows you what you’re missing out on, you can start to work on those areas”


“With what I’ve learned through to app, I can tell the doctor how I’m feeling without wasting valuable surgery time”


“For people like me who have been suffering with pain for years, you sometimes feel like there’s no-one to turn to. This app shows you that you’re not on your own. It gives you strategies that you’re able to follow so you’re able to cope better.”

Person with persistent pain, on trying out the Pain Toolkit app