for Practitioners

As patients gain skills and self confidence to cope with their pain, the PainSense apps save valuable clinician time by:

  • Improving diagnosis through direct patient pain symptom reports
  • More effective engagement and use of consultation by patient as clearer about their needs due to pain
  • Guides patient and clinician where to focus time and effort in consultations
  • Leads to less medication including opioids prescribed
  • Less likely to present with setbacks due to pain as self manage better
  • Wider range of pain management options within primary care
  • Reduces onward referrals and ensures more appropriate referrals
  • Better empathic engagement with patient so better health outcomes
  • Patient and clinician track change in self confidence to cope and health outcomes, mood, sleep, physical activity, work, pain and vitality
  • High patient satisfaction with care provided as addresses patient agenda more clearly


System integration

The PainSense apps seamlessly integrate with existing data systems so clinicians can keep in touch with patients’ progress.

Patient data, securely passed into the N3 environment via our partner inhealthcare, so clinicians can obtain individual reports directly to their desktop.

GP system 




‘From a General Practitioner’s point of view what’s very exciting is that when my patients with persistent pain use this app, I will be able to identify those who are doing well, that I don’t need to worry about, and those who are struggling and need some help. That’s why I think this is potentially so important.’

Dr Michael Taylor, York House Surgery, Heywood, Greater Manchester