PainSense Shortlisted for Healthcare Award

February 22, 2017

ADI is delighted to announce that it has been shortlisted in the Medilink Healthcare Business Awards 2017 in the ‘Advances in Digital Healthcare’ category for its self-management of persistent pain app, PainSense.

This prestigious event, sponsored by the Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network, gives industry, the NHS and academia the opportunity to celebrate their ongoing commitment to world-class services and products that give people better options in their treatments and rehabilitation.

Taking place on 2 March 2017 at the Mercure St Paul’s Hotel and Spa in Sheffield, the ceremony’s winners will go on to represent the Yorkshire and Humber region at the national Medilink UK Awards.

Jason Brannan, Director at Medilink Yorkshire and Humber PR, said: “Healthcare Technologies is a real strength for the region and this year has seen a great variety of entrants that have made real strides in our sector.

“This year we have expanded the Partnership with the NHS Award to recognise significant collaboration between business and the NHS – something which will be important for the future of the NHS and patient care.”

The categories celebrated this year are: Innovation Award, Partnership with Academia Award, Start-Up, Skills Investment, Outstanding Achievement, Export Achievement, Advances in Digital Healthcare, Patient Engagement, Primary Care and Technology Adoption.