Pain Management Plan

With the Pain Management Plan app, you’ll learn more about:


  • target setting tools and ways to stay on track
  • pacing, prioritising and goal setting
  • lots of tips on helping you deal with anger, frustration, moods and anxiety
  • …and much more besides.


Background to the resource

The Pain Management Plan is a highly respected and widely used resource for supporting patients with persistent pain towards greater self-efficacy.

Developed by Professor Bob Lewin, The Pain Management Plan guides individuals through setting up their own personal pain management plan using goal setting and motivational self-management techniques that have been used with success in many rehabilitation and healthcare settings.

Over the last few years, more than 40 health or social care organisations including MDT Pain Services in 35 NHS Trusts have adopted The Pain Management Plan.

Built on cognitive behavioural principles, The Pain Management Plan was evaluated in a year-long study carried out in three very well-established MDT NHS pain centres.

The trial showed that disability was significantly reduced and self-efficacy improved.

The Pain Management Plan app extends the capabilities of the original print based resources by introducing a number of interactive features to the process. During pilot phase one, this was shown to increase users’ engagement with the process and increase commitment to their self management plan.

The Pain Management Plan app also allows clinicians to access patient information through the PainSense clinical portal, generate reports on patient progress, and utilise the insights gained to work more effectively with patients.

Download the Pain Management Plan app here: