The Pain Toolkit

With the Pain Toolkit app you’ll learn more about:


  • Accepting pain so you can begin to move on
  • Understanding the ‘pain cycle’ – and how to reverse it
  • Pacing and relaxation skills
  • Learning to go easy on yourself
  • Setting goals and overcoming setbacks
  • Get involved – building a support team
  • Learn to prioritise and plan out your days
  • Be patient with yourself
  • Learn relaxation skills
  • Stretching and exercise
  • Keep a diary and track your progress
  • Keeping it going… practising these tools.


Background to the resource

Co-authored by Pete Moore and Dr. Frances Cole The Pain Toolkit originated as a simple booklet for patients designed to help them learn how to take back control over their pain and their lives.

A hugely successful resource, highly acceptable to patients, The Pain Toolkit has been supported by the Department of Health and is now used extensively in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Since 2009, 350,000 copies have been printed and in circulation throughout the UK. The Pain Toolkit has also been translated into German, French, Spanish, Indonesian, and Italian.

The digital version of The Pain Toolkit includes all the most effective elements of the original. In addition, the interactive potential of digital apps means that new methods of engaging users have been introduced.

Both of The Pain Toolkit’s authors are closely involved as partners in the PainSense Service, ensuring that the accessible, simple to use characteristics that have been so central to the toolkit’s success are retained in the web app content.


Using the Pain Toolkit

To download a guide to using the Pain Toolkit, click here.


Download the Pain Toolkit app for iOS by clicking on the App Store image or copy the link in to your web browser to access Pain Toolkit via the web app: