Digital apps

At the heart of the PainSense approach is a suite of digital apps. These give patients the tools and resources they need to self-manage their persistent pain, and to develop the skills and techniques needed to become more independent.

The Pain Toolkit app and the Pain Management Plan app are both free to download by end users. Each focuses on a different aspect of the process of learning to become an effective self-manager of your persistent pain.

The apps’ underlying CBT-based approach is presented in an intuitive, easy to use interface. The ‘user experience’ is rich and immersive, with audio commentary, interactive features and – crucially – data collection capabilities.

Patients can self-assess using ‘Your Health Needs’, ‘Managing Your Pain’, ‘The Body Chart’ and ‘The DoloTest®’.

The apps are integrated with secure N3 systems, enabling clinicians to access patient information, generate reports on patient progress, and utilise the insights gained to work more effectively with patients.

User testing the apps

The PainSense apps were rigorously tested by people who are living with persistent pain. One of the user testing sessions was held at Recovery Republic in Heywood, Greater Manchester…