Pathway Refocusing

PainSense starts from the recognition that people can learn to self-manage their persistent pain and become active partners in their own care. PainSense can support your organisation to refocus its local clinical care pathway around this central principle, creating the conditions for positive change to occur.


Case study: Leeds West

Leeds West CCG, as clinical commissioning partner for the Phase one development stage, worked closely with PainSense on the redesign of their clinical care pathway in order to prepare for introducing the e-learning and digital apps to clinicians and patients in the area.

This ‘real world’ test bed has ensured that the pathway refocusing now being offered by PainSense is both realistic and achievable within today’s NHS.   

PainSense partners include some of the leading figures in clinical care pathway redesign in the country. Working closely with commissioners they will refocus the clinical care pathway to ensure the fullest benefits of the PainSense Service accrue both to services and patients alike.